Death Prophet and Viper


Step one: Basic sketch. get a general feel of how you want to place/draw your characters


Step two: Go in for a little more detailed sketch of your idea


Step three: Clean up Slowly to make it look more refined


Step four: Clean up more and add little more values by adding dark


Step five: totally forgot to take a picture of this middle step where I just do the inking, and then screen toning… So here it is all finished LOL; after inking and screen tones and background. 🙂

Let me know if you guys have any question! 😀

Templar Assassin – Dota2 (Manga Version)


Starting out with a basic sketch 🙂 Trying to come up with the the pose/headshot I like and went from there 🙂


Outlined / cleaned up the sketch lines from previous layer


Refined/ defined the lines even more to create a bit more clean feeling drawing


Went in with black ink to the most darkest areas I have for the drawing.


Add screen tones and some effects and VOILA! we’re done 😀

This time it was templar assassin! (hope you enjoy this Nhan Fiction!) she was pretty cool to draw 🙂 I enjoyed every moment of it!

Who else is your favorite dota characters guys?! 😀